[fluka-discuss]: BETA TRANSPORT IN SOIL

From: riya dey <riyadey_at_barc.gov.in>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2018 13:47:16 +0530

Dear FLUKA Experts,

I was trying to estimate energy deposition from a feldspar source emitting
beta radiation (with definite spectrum) to a quartz target. The surrounding
media is soil only. The radius of the source is 0.01 cm emitting beta
isotropically and the radius of the target is also 0.01cm.

The centre to centre distance is 0.02cm (i.e. both the source and target
surfaces are touching with each other). In this case the result is of the
order of 2E-06 GeV/primary.


If the centre to centre distance is increased to 0.04 cm, the energy is
8.1385E-08 GeV/primary.


It is not expected that by increasing to this small separation, the energy
is decreased by 2 order less. In the literature also, the decrease is very
smooth in nature.


Is there any other card that has to be activated for electron transport ??



With regards,

Riya Dey

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