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Date: Fri Sep 21 2007 - 23:07:41 CEST

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    Dear Francesco

    > Does Fluka include the polaryzed cross section for the reaction above?
    > If not, I have already tried to solve this problem using the stuprf routine
    > in order to modify the kinematical variable of the scattered deuteron.

    FLUKA does not consider polarization in inelastic AA collisions. Moreover,
    inelastic deuteron interactions below 100MeV/n cannot be simulated with

    > I have understood that: this routine is called everytime a "simulation
    > step" occurs.

    More precisely, STUPRF is called every time before hadrons, muons,
    neutrinos, low-energy neutrons, heavy ions or optical photons are copied
    into the stack. It is sometimes used to carry over additional properties
    are information from the parent to the daughter particles.

    > I would like to have more information about this step, especially:
    > - the initial state and final state of the reaction occuring during this
    > step;
    > - how to access the particle code and kinematical variables of the initial
    > and final state particles;

    Information regarding initial and final states of interactions are
    available in user routine mgdraw (activated with the card USERDUMP) under
    entry USDRAW. Information on the parent particle can be read from common
    TRACKR, while those of the final state particles are in commons GENSTK.

    > - it is possible to change these kinematical variable according to some
    > different cross section?

    In theory I would think so, but you have to ensure energy-momentum
    conservation between initial and final state of the reaction, including
    heavy recoils etc. Thus, I am not sure this is really recommended...

    Best regards

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