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From: Joel DeWitt (
Date: Wed Oct 24 2007 - 18:31:33 CEST

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    BlankI would like extract an LET spectrum from FLUKA for a simple target-detector system. I've tried the USRYIELD method that was taught to us last March in Houston, but that double differential method is different from the "standard" way we do it (i.e. our LET spectrum is not your LET spectrum). Is there a way to extract binned LET? I need to generate a histogram of LET.

    I believe a similar question was asked by Gabriel Sawakuchi some 2.5 years ago, but apparently was not addressed.

    Moreover, is there a general scoring card whereby one can bin various quantities (KE, charge, mass, LET, etc.). I'm looking for a general method of generating histograms of various quantities from one region to another. Perhaps I've missed it, but this does not seem to exist, which is surprising. If this is absent, could one be devised? I'm sure others, like myself, would find this extremely useful.

    Joel DeWitt
    Eril Research, Inc.

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