Identifying stopped particles

From: Joseph Comfort (
Date: Wed Nov 21 2007 - 18:36:04 CET

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    I want to get information from Fluka about the position in a region
    where a particle stops (falls below threshold and the energy is dumped)
    or decays. Specifically, I am working with pi+ particles in scintillators.

    I inserted print statements in the ENDRAW entry of mgdraw.f (with
    suitable USERDUMP controls, I think). There is an ICODE for stopped
    hadrons. But that ICODE never shows up. Instead, all ICODE numbers are
    for the EM routine Emfsco. I added some print statements in the top
    MGDRAW entry. I see all of the steps and energies per step, but nothing
    which identifies that a pi+ stopped. I see changes in particle IDs but,
    because electrons and photons cam be emitted along the track, such
    changes are not unique. Is there a flag somewhere that identifies when
    and where a particle stops and/or decays? Where do I access it?

    Thank you,
    Joe Comfort

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