Re: Diffrences between Bragg Peak

From: Marco Mauri (
Date: Wed Nov 28 2007 - 10:04:51 CET

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    In "The Physics of the FLUKA code: Recent development" the following=20
    reference is cited for the plot of the Bragg peak you are trying to=20

    Sommerer, F., Parodi, K., Ferrari, A., et al. Investigating the accuracy=20
    of the FLUKA code for transport of therapeutic ion beams in matter.=20
    Phys. Med. Biol. 51, 4385=964398, 2006.

    In this article more details are given on the simulations from which the=20
    plot is obtained.
    In particular the ionization potential of water has been set to 80 eV,=20
    instead of the default value 75 eV (It can be set in FLUKA with the=20
    MAT-PROP card).


    Jamshid Soltani wrote:

    >Hi Dear users and authors,
    >I run my input file which is in attach file.I used a 270 Mev/n 12C
    >interaction with water.this energy was used by authors in paper with
    >entitle: The Physics of the FLUKA code:Recent development.(page 1346).my
    >Bragg Peak is placed in 14.4 Cm and it seems that it is differ with
    >calculation by authors.
    >for your information,I used XMgrace for making plot.
    >I want to know the reasons of differences between these two Bragg Peak.
    >I need more detail on physics behind mechanism of interaction of Heavy
    >charged particles with matter which is apply by FLUKA.
    >can anyone help me?
    > In advanced,Thank you for your help
    >Jamshid Soltani
    > =20

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