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Date: Fri Nov 30 2007 - 14:46:02 CET

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    Hello Hamide,
    Generally speaking you can tailor energy deposition scoring inside FLUKA
    (tipically the usrbin output) by using the comscw.f user routine linked
    to make a fluka executable of your own.
    Please refer to the manual about learning the use of user routines in FLUKA.
    This routine is activated through the USERWEIG with WHAT(6)>0 (see the
    In practice such a routine is a weight which intercepts and redefines
    each energy deposition.
    There inside you can select your usrbin by means of ISCRNG =1 and the
    proper value of JSCRNG.
    Beyond the manual look also the lectures at the Houston Fluka course in 2007
    ( and there see

    In energy deposition scorings, the current particle is IJ=208 (the
    generalized particle fluka number associated to energy deposition) and
    you can recognize primary by the particle generation index LLO
    (primaries have LLO=1)

    To limit you scoring to selected particles you have to put (inside
    comscw.f) the logical variable
    LSCZER to .TRUE. for all the particles which DO NOT FULFILL your

    The real identification number of secondary particles can be selected
    inside comscw.f by including in
    it the (TRACKR) common and check the variable j0trck (see the comments
    inside $FLUPRO/flukapro/(TRACKR)

    In case of heavy ions j0track should me -2, and the nature of particle
    can be desumed by inlcuding
    common (PAPROP) and checking Z and A which are respectively given by
    ICHRGE(-2) and IBARCH(-2).
    Of course the transport of heavy ions has to be activated (see command
    but it should be already activated in the default cases.
    Notice that for a few light ions from deutons to he4 there is already a
    code available in for j0trck (from -3 to -6)

    WARNING: about dose equivalent: be careful that it is up to you to give
    a quality factor (assigning them to
    the comscw function value). At present there is no general utility for this.

        Giuseppe Battistoni

    amide jalali wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I would be appreciated if you guide me how I can get energy deposition
    > by surviving primaries, secondaries and each secondary separately.
    > An other question : Is FLUKA capable to calculate dose equivalent when
    > the source is heavy ions with distribution of energy?
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Hamide

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