[fluka-discuss]: How to define fluence and time distribution

From: babintsev <babintsev_at_ihep.ru>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2018 08:38:24 +0300


  I am a newer in Fluka - could you help me please :

  I want to evaluate number of photons and warm neutrons

  in the direction perpendicular to  beam : beam along Z, detector is at

  So, my geometry is a long box to the right side of the target with P beam

  in the "-'  region of X-axis

  The questions :

   1) how to define fluence  to

            a) the right side of the target

             b) at the entrance to the hole in concrete wall

            c) at the entrance to the detector (Scin)

       (... how to define direction of the fluence ? ... should I
reverse right-box to left-box ?)

   2) how to define time distributions of the fluence

    thank you in advance,

    Happy New Year.


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