Re: Neutron capute simulation

From: Francesco Cerutti (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2008 - 16:42:31 CET

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    Dear Yung-Shun,

    I can add to what you exposed just a couple of warnings.

    Since you are interested in a correlated analysis on a event by event
    basis, you should ask for a "fully analogue" run (WHAT(2)<0.0 in your
    GLOBAL card).

    Once you know the time of a low energy neutron interaction (ATRACK in
    TRACKR, related to the history start) and the involved FLUKA
    single-element material (MMTRCK), the point is to check if a capture
    took place. Your criterion (no neutron among the NP secondaries in GENSTK)
    is correct where only neutron elastic scattering and capture are possible.
    But, as soon as more channels are open (with a few MeV neutrons that you
    may produce via muon nuclear reactions), it cannot longer be applied,
    since unfortunately the available inelastic cross section is not
    disentangled into different reactions.

    Hope this helps



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