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Thank you for the answer.
The total (all particles) multiplicity in my study goes also slightly
above 1000, with 119 average. But if I choose hadrons (protons,
neutrons, charged pions, kaons) only, the average multiplicity is 72,
whereas Pythia8 gives me almost twice as much.
I attached the plots with comparison of these two generators. Pythia8 is
used as standalone program, but DPMJET3 data are obtained from FLUKA (I
don't know how to use standalone DPMJET3). The top and bottom plots
differ only by the log scale. There are no elastic events in DPMJET3
plot. Do you have any explanation for such a huge differences? I'm aware
that PYTHIA has a lot of parameters to set, but I used kind of
"standard" for my experiment.

W dniu 2019-01-30 11:35, Francesco Cerutti napisał(a):
> Dear Agnieszka,
> I see that for collisions between 6.5 TeV proton beams the DPMJET
> event generator used by FLUKA gives an average multiplicity of 119,
> with an obvious minimum of 2 and a maximum exceeding 1150 (for my
> 100,000 event statistics). So no artificial cut at 800 applies and I
> have got no evidence of underestimation.
> Cheers
> Francesco
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> On Thu, 24 Jan 2019, wrote:
>> Dear Fluka users,
>> I’m studying the differences between Fluka simulation and kind of
>> “standard” simulation for the LHC. I dumped particles produced in the
>> collision of 6.5 TeV proton beams and I see that multiplicity of
>> particles is smaller than in other simulation. Does anybody know if
>> there is a cut on the maximum number on particles produced in the
>> Fluka simulation? It should be about 800 (in one pp collision) to
>> explain the difference I see.
>> Regards,
>> Agnieszka Mucha
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