Re: USRBIN usage for hit density

From: Giuseppe Battistoni (
Date: Tue Mar 11 2008 - 00:01:19 CET

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    If you just want to count particles/cm^2/primary you need
    a boundary crossing scoring like USRBDX, choosing "Current scoring"
    instead of "Fluence Scoring".

    USRBDX can be defined only for the whole boundary between two adjacent
    regions and will count all particles crossing such a boundary. Therefore I
    do not understand if this is what you really need.

    If you need to count particles only if they will deposit a given amount of
    energy in the downstream region, then the matter is more complicated.
    Again, if you need also to have a segmentation of your boundary surface,
    this is another complication. In these cases you need to build a scoring
    of your own. A possibility is to activate the call to the mgdraw
    user routine (USERDUMP command) and code your scoring. The boundary
    crossing entry point of routine mgdraw.f, called BXDRAW, should be the right place where
    your code can be inserted.
    A careful study of the manual is necessary in these cases.

            Giuseppe Battistoni

    On Mon, 10 Mar 2008, Bertini Dr. Denis wrote:

    > Dear fluka users,
    > I would like to estimate hit density on a detector surface i.e number of =
    > particle giving a signal ( Edeposited > 0 ) /cm2/primary. I am
    > wondering if i can easily use USRBIN for doing that ?
    > Thanks in advance
    > Denis Bertini

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