Re: Material assignments, region error

From: Stefan Roesler <>
Date: Sun Jun 15 2008 - 23:06:06 CEST

Hi Joel,

> 1.) I have slabs of polyethylene, of which I would like to of course
> assign the same material type to each region. How do I know if the
> lower and upper bounds I have specified are appropriate? For example,
> I have region names PE00, PE05, PE10, PE15, PE20, and PE30. The lower
> bound I have specified PE00, and the upper bound I have specified
> PE30. Is this correct? In the drop down menu in Flair these are
> listed is alphabetical order. Do the lower and upper bounds follow
> this ordering?

The range in ASSIGNMA is associated with a range of regions in the order
they are defined in the geometry section of the input and is not
alphabetical. Since you have CR39 regions in between the PE region your
material assignment


also assigns PE to the CR39 region. Instead you could assign PE to the
above regions in step of 2 (What(4)=2) but I would advice to make the
material assignment to regions one-by-one as you may easily end up again
in troubles when you modify your geometry later on...

> 2.) This error has been addressed before
> (,
> in which--I think--the problem was an excessive number of regions.
> I'm getting the same error, but I have only a dozen or so regions.
> It's very confusing why I'm getting this error. Is the problem in the
> way I construct my composite region (called "System" in my input)? A
> parenthesis problem?

The parenthesis is expanded internally and optimized such that
zero-volume entities are removed as much as possible. Still you could run
into memory problems with a single expansion, i.e. regardless of your
total number of regions. If you can (and also as check of this hypothesis)
please define the region "System" avoiding parentheses.

Best regards
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