AUXSCORE and DOSE-EQ questions

From: Roy Keyes <>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 03:25:36 -0600

Hello FLUKA list,

I am trying to figure out how to use the new AUXSCORE card at the moment
and have a couple of questions related to it's usage.

I am interested in the contribution of neutrons to the equivalent dose
of a particular region. What is the difference between using USRBIN to
score DOSE-EQ and AUXSCORE to select for neutrons versus using USRBIN to
score neutrons and AUXSCORE to tally DOSE-EQ? When I use the section of
input in the attached file, the two resulting ambient dose equivalent
values have been different by a couple of orders of magnitude. Is one
method the "correct" method?

My second question is about using USRTRACK with AUXSCORE and DOSE-EQ. I
am not quite sure how AUXSCORE is supposed to work with USRTRACK as far
as dose equivalent calculations go. Using the attached input values, my
USRTRACK output files with and without AUXSCORE were identical and I saw
nothing in the main output file indicating that the USRTRACK data had
led to a dose equivalent value. What should I be looking for? Am I
simply using this incorrectly?


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