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Subject: Re: usryield plot vs polar angle
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Hi Lina,

I would strongly recommend to send such emails to the fluka discussion list=
However to see the anisotropy of a field you should plot your results=20
versus the solid angle
dn/dOmega which is equivalent to dn/dcosTheta.

In flair the default options in "X" and "Y" do not cover this=20
possibility (maybe I should add it), however you can still do such plot=20
by entering the information in the "Using:" field as
1:($3/sin(($1+$2)/2)) and plotting it with "steps"


lina.quintieri_at_mac.com wrote:
> Hello
> I apologize to you in case I am subtracting your time with this=20
> e-mail, but I am writing to you because I have a problem of=20
> understanding a usryield plot that I obtained elaborating the results=20
> of my FLUKA calculation using FLAIR
> In my calculation I want to estimate the neutron and photon fluxes =20
> when an electron beam impinges on a Ta target.
> I used the USERYIELD card in order to obtain, at the end , the plot of=20
> the neutron and photon as a function of the polar theta angle wrt the=20
> beam direction:as shown in the following picture
> But when I plot the neutron and photon double differential quantities=20
> (either as Y*DX or Y vs Xmean) I obtain the plots that I have=20
> attached (neutron_at_1m.pdf and photon_at_1m.pdf)
> On the contrary, I have checked by other cards and output files of my=20
> calculation that the neutron fluences are isotropic and that the=20
> photon are essentially in forward direction (e.g it has a maximum=20
> around 0=B0), as expected.
> This is not well reproduced in the two plots neutron_at_1m and photon_at_1m.=20
> Why in the neutron usryield plot the neutron/pr is not uniform? Why in=20
> the photon usryield plot the photon/pr is zero for 0 polar angle?
> Where am I getting wrong?
> Thanks a lot for your help
> Best regards
> Lina Quintieri
> P.S
> I have also attached the usryiel output files
> .
> fluences I c
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