Proton stopping powers in water

From: Dan Kirby <>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 13:32:31 -0000

Dear Fluka team,

I enquired about proton stopping powers at the beginning of February, but
nobody responded. so forgive my persistence but I would like to re-ask the
main part of my previous submission to the mailing list:

I was under the impression that Fluka stopping powers in water were
parameterized so as to follow ICRU recommendations, after seeing the paper:
"Improvement of low-energy stopping power algorithms in the FLUKA simulation
program" by Parodi and Squarcia, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics
Research A 456 (2001) 352-368.
According to this, a new parameterization was integrated into Fluka so that
water stopping powers were within 1% of ICRU values for all energies.
However when I print them out, I see differences of about -5% compared to
ICRU in the range 1-300 MeV, and up to 30% between 1keV - 1MeV for the same
I value (75 eV) recommended by ICRU. The plotted values looks just like the
"old Fluka" plot in fig. 8 of the above paper.

Did I misunderstand this paper - was this change to stopping powers not
actually implemented into the main Fluka release?

I attach a plot of Fluka vs ICRU stopping powers, using the latest Fluka

Best wishes,

Dan Kirby
Medical Physics Group
School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston Park Road
Birmingham B15 2TT
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