10-B(n,t gamma)4-He

From: Sunil C <csunil11_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 19:10:05 +0530

Hi FLUKA authors

In the manual, the LOW-NEUT card has the following.

"WHAT(6) = i0 + 10 * i1:
i0 = 1: available pointwise cross sections used (see Note below) and
explicit and correlated 6-Li(n,gamma)7-Li,10-B(n,t gamma)4-He,
40-Ar(n,gamma)41-Ar,x-Xe(n,gamma)x+1-Xe and 113-Cd(n,gamma)114-Cd
photon cascade requested.

Pointwise neutron transport is available, by setting WHAT(6) = 1.0 or
11.0, for the following nuclides: 1-H (above 10 keV), 6-Li (all
reactions), 10-B (only for the reaction 10-B(n,t gamma)4-He). Recoil
protons are always transported explicitly, and so is the proton from
the 14-N(n,p) reaction, for which a pointwise treatment is always

I did not understand the "10-B(n,t gamma)4-He" part. NNDC web site has
B-10(N,T+2A) cross section listed, but not (n,t).
Is it meant to be 10B(n,alpha)7Li ?

Best Regards

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