RE: Question about Compiling Fluka in 64 bit architecture

From: Corwin, Luke Andrew <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 09:47:41 -0400


Thank you. That is helpful and defines how I need to proceed.


> Dear Luke,
> For the moment there is no public 64bit version of FLUKA, since there is
> no gain at all compared with the 32bit version. Therefore the only way
> of using it on a 64bit machine is to install all the necessary 32bit
> libraries and compile your executable in 32bit mode (from a 64bit
> machine). Actually this is the default if you use the standard
> compilation scripts of FLUKA (fff, lfluka), otherwise you have to
> manually supply the option (-m32) on the compiler (g77 or gcc)
> Cheers
> Vasilis
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> Hello,
> We are installing Fluka at Indiana University on our new machine to use
> as part of FLUGG. We would like to compile Fluka in the 64-bit
> architecture but are not sure if this is possible.
> I have searched online and on the fluka website. I found several
> messages about compiling with 32-bit flags on a 64-bit machine, but can
> Fluka be compiled directly on a 64-bit machine? If so, what changes do
> we need to make to accomplish this?
> Thank you,
> Luke Corwin
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