Re: particle multiplicity

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 16:44:48 +0200

Dear Andrzej,

please keep the discussion on the list, for different reasons (it may be
of more general interest and other people can contribute).

> Unfortunately I can not understand how calculate multiplicity yet.
> I can calculate (see attachement -usryield command) only average
> multiplicity of kaons.

You are correct: what you get by USRYIELD scoring of particles emerging
from hadronic interactions is of course an average multiplicity. If you
want to build instead a multiplicity distribution, you have to customize -
and activate - the USDRAW entry of the mgdraw user routine, as already
indicated in my recent answer to Nicolas. There you can inspect the
products of each interaction (NP particles in GENSTK, NPHEAV fragments
in FHEAVY and possibly a residual nucleus in RESNUC).

Hope this helps


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