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From: Mario Santana Leitner <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 20:32:25 +0200

Hi Joe,

You can just use the material 'PLATINUM' and suppress the 'LOW_MAT' call so that platinum cross sections are used. Be aware that the available libraries for this element will work fine for neutron production but not for activation studies.
Documentation will be added in short to the manual.


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Subject: Platinum for neutrons
The announcement for the most recent respin of Fluka indicated that
neutron data for platinum and lanthanum had been added to the data base.
They are not included in either the online manual or the manual in the

I am doing particle production on a platinum target. I have been using
LOW_MAT to designate tungsten for neutrons. How do I designate
platinum? (Or is tungsten still better? Neutron energies below a few
MeV are not particularly important.)

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