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From: Rob Appleby <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 13:44:11 +0200

Dear FLUKA experts,

I would like to save in mgdraw.f the age of a particle, with t=0 at the time
of the first interaction. i.e. the total age.
ATRACK in TRACKR gives the age of the track which needs to be summed up over
the history to give the total age of a final particle.
I've used SPAREK as a running time sum through the cascade, which I update in
stuprf.f after every hadronic interaction by adding ATRACK to this running sum
(adding the TRACK age of the parent). This gives (I think) the age of the
final particle, when read out in mgdraw at the end, with a contribution for
every track ending in a hadronic interaction. In stupre.f I also do the same
thing for EM interactions, except the particles produced in the EM interaction
are already pushed onto the stack and so I can't add the parent age to the
running sum in SPAREK. I tried adding
AGEMF(Npstrt) but this is already the daughter particles and so equal to 0.

Is this possible to update the running sum correctly, or is there a better way
to get this total age?

Many thanks,

Rob Appleby, EN/MEF, CERN.
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