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From: Mario Santana Leitner <>
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There is not enough information to determine the ultimate cause of the
problem (is it in the FLUKA part, or in FLAIR?...).
We would need to have the input file and the FLAIR file.
However, there is one thing that you can already try. Did you look at
the usrbin file data? (convert it to ascii and browse through the data).
Is there any negative value? In the past when the combined number of
particles from different values exceeded a certain threshold, the
resulting usrbin got a little crazy and included some negative values
which lead to plots like the one you are showing. I assume that this is
not your case now since your 1d histogram is looking fine, but check it
anyway. Also try/check the following:
- Is your usrbin in rectangular or cylindrical coordinates?
- In case your plot is in rectangular coordinates, are you plotting your
entire usrbin matrix or just a slice between two planes to the left and
right of the central (Z) axis?


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Dear Fluka experts,
looking at the plot I attached the energy deposition is the lowest in
the middle of the shower and peaks at the edge of my geometry. That
does not make sense to me since the 1-D histograms tell me the biggest
energy deposition is in the middle of the geometry (which makes sense).
I am using flair to do this plots, and I am wondering if the
colors might be assigned in the wrong order...If not, what is my fault?

Thanks for all the help, Johannes
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