Photon and Neutron energy spectra

From: Lawrence Mhatiwa <>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 11:23:06 +0000

Dear Fluka Users

I am characterising photoneutrons produced by a 15MV photon beam of an
My input file(Attached).

In the set up i have a sphere filled with air at the isocentre in which
iam scoring photon and neutron spectra.In addition i also have 3 other spheres
one at -40cm and another one at 40cm in the x - direction. The third
sphere is located at +40cm in the y - direction. All of these spheres are
on xy plane as shown in the input file.

Well i got neutron spectra as shown on the file name neutronspectra(attached)
 as well as photon spectrum file named photonspectrum (attached).

My problem is that the photon spectrum shows me that i have photons with
energy greater than the incident beam.The same is shown for neutrons .To me
it does not look fine .Or else iam making a very serious mistake on ploting
the spectra. Please have a look on my input file and my results (attached files)
and advice what i should do to solve this problem.

Please help


University Of Free State

Medical Physics Department

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neutronspetra.png photonspectrum.png
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