Activity of a source

From: Angelo Infantino <>
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 11:20:47 +0100

Good Morning to all
I want to simulate a simple real process: i want to calculate the dose (in mSv/h)
of a 137Cs source at 1 m.
My question is: If i do the analitical calculus of the dose i have to use
the gamma costant that is normalized for the activity of the source, but in fluka
in the definition of the beam/source i don't give it information about the activity.
In fact at the end of my simulation i obtain a dose profile that is the same of the theoretical
but the order of magnitude of dose is not the correct!
(i have converted the value in mSv/h with a normalization factor)
So In this case how fluka consider the activity?
I hope that my question is clear.
Best regards

Angelo Infantino
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