Material table was not initialized when ASSIGNMA card was not used

From: Alexandr Malusek <>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 17:03:21 +0100

Dear FLUKA users

I have a beginner's question.
I used USRYIELD to score LET in water in
a geometry where water was not assigned to any region (no ASSIGNMA
card was used for water)
Nevertheless water was defined as other materials via MATERIAL and COMPOUND cards
FLUKA 2008.3c crashed
in this case (a core-dump was created)
The .out file didn't contain any
information about a table for water so I think this was the reason why
FLUKA crashed.
I fixed the problem by creating an additional region containing water

Is there an easy way to force FLUKA to create the water table in this case?

Thank you,

Alexandr Malusek
Department of Medical and Health Sciences
Division of Radiological Sciences / Radiation Physics
Faculty of Health Sciences
SE-581 85 Linkping
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