Simulation of dose deposition on micron scales

From: Wilkinson, Jeff <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 12:16:17 -0500

Is anyone aware of work on modeling photon/electron dose deposition on micron
scales using Fluka? I am searching for guidance or papers to see if anyone
is successfully modeling the non-uniform dose deposition from very small
e-beams and photon beams. My application is dose in semiconductor structures,
 accounting for the distribution of metals in the interconnect layers. There
may also be biology examples from cell level dose deposition that would be

Looking through the archives I found 2 postings that were close, but not
close enough (Is FLUKA work if the thickness of the target is only 0.8 micron?
Yuanjie BI (Thu May 17 2007 - 08:44:51 CEST) and Transport of charge ions and
energy deposition in micron tosub-micron scales
<> (Tue Dec 30 2008 - 20:02:00 CET).
There was also a question regarding simulation of damage to DNA
(cell simulation by fluka<>
Jalil Pirayesh (Wed Jul 18 2007 - 07:17:21 CEST)
where G. Battistoni pointed out that the condensed history approach will definitely not work
on the nanometer scale. No guidance on the possibility of applying it at the micron scale though.

Any pointers to papers, research groups or other reports that might discuss modeling with
Fluka at this resolution?

Jeff Wilkinson

Medtronic Technical Fellow, Sr Principal R&D Engineer
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