Projectile fragment scoring

From: Ogawa Tatsuhiko <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 18:19:25 +0900

Dear FLUKA experts,

I am trying to score energy, mass number, atomic number and the z
coordinate of the production reaction point of projectile fragments
produced in regions from "TARCYL01" to "TARCYL46" (please see attached
"coll.inp"). I tried using two means (please see below) but they did not
satisfy my requests. How can I get desired quantities?

* Mass number can not be scored.

Mgdraw.f (Attached)
* Only target fragments are scored (Projectile fragments were not scored),
* Products in a very shallow region (3.2mm) are scored though the
stopping range is more than 3 cm.
* Only delta ray generation secondaries (Icode 103) seems to be scored
though I am interested in fragments of Fe directly bombarding C nucleus.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Best regards,

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