Re: transport cut-offs in selected regions

From: John Clem <>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 23:25:23 -0400

Giuseppe and Francesco, following your approach it has been verified
the runs are shorter revealing no change to the results within
statistical error. Now parameter space must be scanned for threshold
optimization.. Thank you for the help..

With Best Regards, John

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Giuseppe Battistoni wrote:
> No, when the transport finds WEE = 0 the particle is taken away from the 
> memory stack. In our jargon: the particle is "discarded".
> I confirm the you cannot put Eksco=0.
> In the FLUKA group we use exactly the logic that I described in my 
> previous mail exactly to optimize cpu time in the simulation of 
> atmospheric showers and the following muon propagation in the ground.
> 	Best regards
> 		Giuseppe
> On Sat, 28 Aug 2010, John Clem wrote:
>> Hi Giuseppe, the primary objective is cpu time reduction for the run.. It is
>> my understanding, a particle assigned no weight (WEE=0) will continue to be
>> tracked irregardless and subject to all physical mechanisms that were set in
>> the input controls.   I assume it is not possible to set Eksco=0 in usrmed.f
>> ??
>> Thanks, John
>> G. Battistoni wrote:
>>> Hi John
>>> the way to accomplish your task is to make use of the "usrmed.f" user
>>> routine.
>>> You activate the call to usrmed by means of the command MAT-PROP with
>>> SDUM=USERDIRE for a series of different selected materials (see the manual
>>> for essential details).
>>> Now, if you look at usrmed.f you see that you have available the following
>>> variables:
>>> *          ij = particle id                                        *
>>> Eksco = particle kinetic energy (GeV)      *          Pla = particle
>>> momentum (GeV/c)                *          Wee = particle weight
>>> *          Mreg = (original) region number                        *
>>> Newreg = (final)    region number                         Therefore you can
>>> set up a logic so check Eksco for a given particle
>>> when it is within region Newreg (usrmed will be called at each step, but you
>>> can also
>>> implement a logic at the passage from Mreg to Newreg, if this helps you).
>>> As soon as you want to cut it out below a given
>>> threshold, you must simply set (in the same routine)
>>> In summary, by means of MAT-PROP and usrmed.f you can exploit a check as a
>>> function of both materials and regions.
>>>     Giuseppe
>>>    John Clem wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> As we know the "EMFCUT" command allows the option to set the electron and
>>>> photon energy transport cut-offs in selected regions. This identical
>>>> option for hadrons and muons would also be very useful in some
>>>> applications, however it is my understanding the "PART-THRes" command is
>>>> not region dependent. Is there a means to set the energy transport cutoff
>>>> for muons and hadrons for selective regions (or materials)?
>>>> Thanks, John Clem
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