Re: x-ray depth dose distribution

From: Alberto Fasso' <fasso_at_SLAC.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 07:47:21 -0800 (PST)

Dear Justin,

you have set EMFCUT with SUM=PROD-CUT (production threshold) but
not also with SDUM = blank (transport threshold).
In addition you have set the photon threshold with a negative sign,
while this needs to be done only for electrons (to distinguish
total energy from kinetic energy). For photons, total and kinetic
energy are the same, and the threshold must be set to a positive value.
The result was that you had a photon transport threshold with the default
value of 333 keV, and all photons were killed as soon as they entered the
water region.
If you change the present EMFCUT command with the following:

EMFCUT -1.0E-6 1.0E-6 0.0 3.0 26.0 PROD-CUT
EMFCUT -1.0E-6 1.0E-6 0.0 1.0 3.0
(remember that the production threshold is given by material, while
the transport threshold is given by region),

you will get energy deposition in all the bins.

Best regards,


On Mon, 15 Nov 2010, Cantley, Justin Lewis wrote:

> Dear FLUKA users,
> I am trying to create a simple depth dose simulation with 100 keV x-rays
> incident upon water. I am having a problem in that all of the energy is
> deposited in the first millimeter of my water block (input file
> attached). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what needs to be fixed?
> Also, after I fix this problem, I want to use an x-ray spectrum (which
> I've also attached if it helps) instead of just setting the photons to
> 100 keV. Even after looking at the manual I'm not sure how to do that, so
> any suggestions on that would be appreciated as well. Thanks.
> - Justin
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