WG: From energy density in GeV/cm3 to rad

From: Kiseleva, Anna <A.Kiseleva_at_gsi.de>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 20:19:05 +0100

Dear FLUKA developers,

I hope, I understand now relation between both parameters:
energy density / dose = material density.
But which parameter more important =
for radiation damage study?

Best regards

Anna Kiseleva

Von: Kiseleva, Anna
Gesendet: Fr 14.01.2011 18:37
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Betreff: From energy density in GeV/cm3 to rad
Dear FLUKA developers,

I have questions.
I try arithmetically to recalculate energy density in rad:
1 rad = 1e8/1.6022/(material density) GeV/cm3=20
But I got so big numbers if I calculate it for gas (argon). It is right?
And how I can compare these numbers with dose in rad?

Best regards
Anna Kiseleva
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