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From: Jean-Emmanuel Groetz <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 11:51:09 +0100

Dear Fluka users,

Further to my previous message last week, I have still problems to
assess the dose deposited by heavy ions in a cell culture.
Anna and Francesco (thanks to them) show me the right way to define a
rectangular beam (especially the delta x and y parameters).

To get the deposit dose in the cell culture (inside a ยต-dish), I use
USRBIN with the dose option. I have noticed that if I change the volume
of the region corresponding to the cell culture, it has no effect on the
dose result.

I would like to know if I misunderstand something :
- dose result is given in GeV/g/primary
- energy deposition is given in GeV/cm3/primary
- since the dose is in J/kg, the mass (or the volume) of the region
should have an importance.

In the attached example (Si ions at 600 MeV/A, 24480 ions/cm2, 20x20cm2
for the beam size), the dose is about 0.8 cGy (the experimental dose is
~0.2 cGy and my MCNPX calculations give 0.27 cGy). For Fe ions (1 GeV/A,
8323 ions/cm2, same beam size), the dose from Fluka is the same, i.e.
0.8 cGy (good news!!), but it's still not the expected result, i.e 0.2

What I am doing wrong or what I have forgotten ?

Thanks in advance.

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