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Dear Martin,

I have discussed your question with my colleague Francesco Cerutti and you
can see his remarks which might be of interest to you in the email below.
Hope it helps and that you can wait for the next FLUKA release !

Hi Joachim,

actually the *transport* limit for deuterons, as for all hadrons but neutrons,
can go down to 1KeV or so (through PART-THR). However, one should have
in mind that the nuclear part of stopping power, relevant at low energy, is
  not taken into account in the presently released version (whereas it will
become available with the coming release). On the other hand, we do not have
yet a suitable *interaction* model for deuterons below 100Mev/n (they have quite specific
features, as stripping), so no nuclear interaction is performed. Indeed the lack of deuteron
inelastic interactions was already debated on the list in the past



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Subject: Question about low energy limit of light ions

     Hi everybody,

I'm working on MC simulations of the T(d,\alpha)n reaction using the Time
Correlated Associated Particle Method (TCAP). We'll use a 150 keV deuteron
beam and a 500 ug/cm^2 (= 0.173 um) Ti(T) target tilted by 45=3DB0 relative to
the beam.
The alpha particle will have an energy of 3.5 MeV and should be detected in
a Si detector.
The simulation should mainly serve to understand angular straggling of
deuteron and alpha particle in the Ti target.

On page 8 (section 1.2.3) in the FLUKA manual I found a list of transport
limits for primary and secondary particles.
Can 150 keV deuterons be treated as charged hadrons (then they would be
within the limits) or rather as heavy ions (then the limits are too high?)?
The Moliere straggling is taken into account in FLUKA according section of the manual. This would be perfect.

Thank you for your help.

     Yours sincerely, Martin Erhard


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