Mixture of particles

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Dear FLUKA experts and users,

In source.f,it says
* Push one source particle to the stack. Note that you could as well
* push many but this way we reserve a maximum amount of space in the
* stack for the secondaries to be generated
* Npflka is the stack counter: of course any time source is called it
* must be =3D0
       NPFLKA =3D NPFLKA + 1
* Wt is the weight of the particle
As i know from
user-defined source "allows the definition of primary particle properties(in
space,energy,time,direction or mixture of particles) which cannot be described
with built-in sources".
Now i need to introduce a source of Plutonium which can produce alpha and gamma.I think i
have to edit source.f,while the production are mixtu=
re of particles.
Is my thought right? and how can i defind the source that concluding two dif=
frent particles?

Many thanks
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