Re: adding Lutetium to the FLUKA neutron cross section library

From: Alfredo Ferrari <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 19:33:36 +0200

Dear Francesca

yes it is possible to add Lutetium to the Fluka neutron cross section
library. Data exist for both 175-Lu and 176-Lu (no idea how good they

Even though you did not put a LOW-NEUT card, the default of the code is to
transport neutrons down to thermal energies, unless instructed otherwise.

Furthermore, for an activation assessment the propagation and interaction
of neutrons below 20 MeV down to thermal energies is essential. As a rule
of thumb, even for high energy showers, the contributions of low energy
neutron produced activation is of the same order of magnitude as the
contribution of all others particles/interactions.

If you can wait few days, since I ahve anyway to issue a respin of
fluka2011.2, I can include Lutetium cross sections as well (again with no
guarantee about their reliability).


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On Thu, 30 Jun 2011, Francesca Nessi-Tedaldi wrote:

> My next question about Lutetium is: would it be possible to have it added,
> in its natural composition, to the FLUKA neutron cross section library?
> There are several materials being presently produced and studied, that
> contain Lutetium, and which are being developed, and already produced,
> as scintillators for high-energy calorimetry (e.g. HL-LHC upgrades to detectors,
> superB detector at Frascati), nuclear detectors and medical imaging (PET) applications.
> Let me just mention a few:
> LYSO (Lutetium-Yttrium Orthosilicate)
> LSO (Lutetium Orthosilicate)
> LuAG (Lutetium Aluminum garnet)
> Let me just point out right away that Lutetium exhibits a 2.6% mol
> natural abundance of 176Lu, a radioactive isotope, which can be important to include, depending on the application.
> Thank you in advance for your consideration.
> Best regards
> Francesca
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