Re: can FLUKA be used as a heavy ion generator? (fwd)

From: Mary Chin <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 11:05:56 +0200

Dear Denis,

1) yes

2) $FLUPRO/flutil/ldpmqmd does the linking.
Here are two cut-outs from the manual:
The DPMJET and RQMD object files are collected in two separate libraries.

   The FLUKA distribution tar file normally does not contain an
executable file.
   To create the default FLUKA executable, type:

    $FLUPRO/flutil/lfluka -m fluka
    (the name of the resulting executable will be flukahp)

   or, if heavy ion nuclear interactions are needed:

    (the name of the resulting executable will be flukadpm)
Two more files contain source code related to the DPMJET and RQMD packages,
   which can be linked with FLUKA to run problems involving heavy ion
    dpmmvax rqmdmvax

3) entry USDRAW of routine MGDRAW via the commons
$FLUPRO/flukapro/(FHEAVY), (GENSTK) and (RESNUC)

4) the original code is detailed in
H. Sorge, Phys. Rev. C 52, 3291 (1995); H. Sorge, H. Stöcker, and W.
Greiner, Ann. Phys. 192, 266 (1989) and Nucl. Phys. A 498,
567c (1989)

FLUKA implementation is given in
Advances in Space Research 34 (2004) 1302–1310

:) mary

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Subject: can FLUKA be used as a heavy ion generator?

Dear all,

I am aware about FLUKA capability to simulate heavy ion collisions.
Nevertheless, since for now , i never use this functionality, could
someone answer the following question:

1) Can i use FLUKA to simulate collision of Lithium ion (6Li, E=2GeV/A)
on a fixed
and thick (C12) target.

2) Which additional libraries do i need to link the fluka exec to ( i
guess RQMD libraries )

3) How to properly collect all particles generated (in which user routine)?

4) Is there some reference , documentation about the RQMD part of the
fluka program ?

thanks in advance ,

Denis Bertini
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