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Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 17:46:45 +0500

Dear all,
In one of my problem I want to score dose equivalent by muon only,
in a region named 'ph2'. I used USRBIN card in flair as follows
                              Unit:60Bin Name:Phdose
Type:region R1from: ph2 R1 to:ph2 Step:1.

Auxscore Type:USRBIN Part:MUONS Set:AMB74

Is there anything wrong. I have also used USRTRACK card to score fluence in two phantoms ph1 and ph2 placed at different locations. In the result although the distribution of fluence with energy is greater in 'ph1'
than ph2 DOSE-EQ is more in ph2 than ph1. In USRTRACK card also
I used AUXSCORE to score MUONS only.
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