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Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 09:24:18 +0100

Hello Alzarough,

I'm no skilled expert in compilation issues nor tricky compatibilities...
instead I looked for alernative solutions.

I tried your input file through "flair".
Do you use this interface or not?

It works OK, you had just a little misalignment in SDUM of BEAMPOS card.
This corrected, the run goes just fine and you get a *_fort.17 file in
which all your detectors are printed in the same file with no problem.

By the way, flair does the recovery from detector cards and doing the
standard deviation over several cycles (as it seems) I just discovered
this feature.

So, you get results, I am not enough familiar and did not look enough into
your detectors cards to tell you if they make sense or not.

Hope it helps.

Best regards.


> Dear Mr Sebastian,
> I'm sorry, but still have troubles with recovering the data from detect
> card.. I tried to compile the fortran file "detect.f" using fff script. I
> have attached the messages from the compilation below. I'm supposed to get
> an executable file that need to run and feed it with detect card output,
> but I didn't get that one.
> last time you said that "the result you got is (maybe) the one for your
> last detector card, you should look if this make sense (hard to tell since
> several of your detectors have the same ID).".. I have tried different
> input** file that has different detector ID's and tried to get the results
> of the out put file using the compiled .f file using fortran, but I'm
> still getting the results of only one cards
> I also attached that input card...
> you have attached a copy to the discussion board, but I havent got any
> answers regarding this matter. besides I tried to contact the person who
> imposed the question on the board, but I haven't got any replies from him
> as well
> **I found that under one of the examples of Simplegeo examples
> Thank you and I appreciate your help
> Alzarough
> 989-750-4628
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