problem with neutron shielding with borated polyethylene

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Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 02:25:28 +0800

Dear FLUKA experts,

     I found some problems when I was trying to shield neutron
generated from electron beam by 5% borated polyethylene and 30%
borated polyethylene. The electron beam is injected in the borated
polyethylene. I had plotted the spread of neutron fluence, but much to
my surprise, the spread of neutron in 30% borated polyethylene is
larger than that in 5% borated polyethylene. Does that make sense? I
think 30% borated polyethylene should have better shielding effect and
can't explain what's wrong with the result. I would really appreciate
if someone can tell me what's wrong with the result.

Attached are the input files and the neutron fluence plots.

Thanks in advance,

neutron_boron5percent.jpg neutron_boron30percent.jpg
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