fff routine problem in gfortran FLUKA versions

From: Oscar Frasciello <oscar.frasciello_at_lnf.infn.it>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 17:50:38 +0100

Hi there,
in latest FLUKA gfortran respin (and also in previous versions) fff
routine is badly compiled even after the following

export FLUPRO=path/to/fluka
export FLUFOR=gfortran
export GFORFLU=gfortranXX

with any gfortran version (4.4/4.5/4.6).
During make compilation, the following line is recursively returned:

[...]/gforfluka/flutil/fff: 109: [...]/gforfluka/flutil/fff: [[: not found

or, for the latest version,

[...]/gforfluka/flutil/fff: 109: [...]/gforfluka/flutil/fff: [[: not found,

every time the routine fff is called to compile gforfluka/flutil
Indeed, and in fact, when using fluka or flair in order to include
subroutines, like mgdraw.f,
these latter are not properly compiled resulting either in truncated
cycles or in bad simulation results.
The fff routine lines messages refer to are the following:

if [[ "$TARGET_MACHINE" = "Linux"&& "$FLUFOR" = "g77" ]] ; then
      if [ ! -z $DLINES ] ; then
         cp -f ${FILE}.${FSUF} hlphlp.f
         rm -f hlphlp.f
         mv -f hlphlpd.f ${FILE}.FOR

This 'if' structure refers to the use of g77 as compiler, which seems to
me to be a non sense in a gfortran version.
'g77', indeed, is not found in the machines where gfortran is being used.
As a temporary workaround i tried to comment out those lines and compile
the code again.
So everything comes back working fine, also linked subroutines and their
use in FLUKA simulations.
Maybe it was missed to take off those lines from gfortran FLUKA version?
Thanks in advance for your support.

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