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From: Hamideh Jalali <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 14:25:40 +0330

Dear FLUKA Users

I am going to compare fluka results with the result of a formula which
calculate dose equivalent in 0 and 90 degree respect to beam
direction. In my simulation a 3 GeV electron beam strikes an iron
target which is surrounded by a cylinder of concrete as shield. The
problem is the area of 0 and 90 region because fluka results affected
by the area or volume of scoring region . How can I define the correct
area(region) not to face overestimate and underestimate in such a way
that the results are comparable with analytical results.
For example in MCNP code we define a point ( a region of very small
dimensions) but if we do so in fluka we won't have a result with
acceptable error in limited time.
I would be grateful if you guide me to solve this problem. I often
face this problem when I want to compare fluka results with analytical

Best Regards
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