RE: stepsize for neutral particles

From: Anna Ferrari <>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 17:38:08 +0200

Hallo Brandon,
no, the cards to control the stepsize refer all to charged particles, the
reason being the eventual need to tune the step with respect to the dE/dx
along the track (between them: STEPSIZE sets a minimum and maximum step size
on a region-by-region basis for all charged particles, EMFFIX sets the size
of electron steps corresponding to a fixed fraction of the total energy on
a material basis, FLUKAFIX sets the size of the step of muons and charged
hadrons to a fixed fraction of the kinetic energy in different materials).
Neutral particles are tracked until a new interaction occurs, without energy
loss along the track (Mtrack=3D0 in TRACKR). If you want to make the steps
shorter, you could eventually introduce artificial boundaries: at the boudaries
all the steps are forced to end.

Hope it helps,


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Subject: stepsize for neutral particles

Dear FLUKA team,

Is there a CARD to control the stepsize (or equivalent) of neutral particles
such as neutrons and photons?
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