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Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 09:01:51 -0700

Hi Leila,

The message in the screen shot suggests that you don't have write permission to that folder (?).
As a superuser (type 'su' in the terminal and when prompted give your password) you can allow to
write to a folder by typing in the terminal
'chmod a+w local' (from one level up in the directory tree). Alternatively
you can save the fluka tar to a different location and then move it to 'local'
as a superuser or using the sudo command.=20


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Dear FLUKA-experts,

I am going to install FLUKA on my computer containing both WindowsXP and Vm=

I am familiar with geant4 and I have a problem to download the tar file in =
to the FLUKA folder located in the same directory as geant4 as shown in the=
  attached screenshot.

I would appreciate if you give me simple steps to install FLUKA.


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