problems with 252Cf source

From: Carolin Pezenka <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 08:23:57 +0200

Dear experts,

I want to model a source of Californium-252. Because of the complex
energy spectrum and the isotropy a source routine is necessary. I
found a source routine written and posted in November 2009 by Alberto
Fasso. I compiled and linked it and inserted a SOURCE-card with the
first WHAT set 1 in my input file and tried a simple sphere of vacuum,
using an USRBIN-card for neutrons. The results do not match with my
comprehension of an isotropic source, because there is only a beam in
one direction. Changing the parameters in the BEAM and BEAMPOS cards,
I couldn?t improve the results. Is there anything wrong in my input
file? Is the use of the source routine the wrong approach?

Looking forward to get helpful answers!
Best regards
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