Fluka2011.2.16 released

From: Alfredo Ferrari <alfredo.ferrari_at_cern.ch>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2012 14:51:50 +0200

Dear Fluka users

a respin, fluka2011.2.16, has been just released. This respin fixes
the following conditions:

a) a slight discontinuity around particle energies corresponding to
     the threshold for delta production (eg around 50 MeV protons for
     a delta threshold of 100 keV)
b) a crash when using PPSOUR for hadron-nucleus in the energy range
     of PEANUT
c) nonsense results and crashes when using gases with possibly
     incorrect pressure/density. In some conditions, like those experienced
     by Mohammad Islam in his message "Fluka crashes for higher primaries
     for heavy ion", the user could define a combination of density/pressure
     for a gas which makes it out of the validity range
     of the Sternheimer-Peierls general formula for the density effect for
     gases. Very likely or the density (2.27E-4) or the pressure (1/50 atm)
     is wrong in Mohammad input (Mohammad please let us know if this
     supposition is true). Anyway a gas with that composition/density
     /pressure is unmanageable from the point of view of the standard
     Sterhneimer-Peierls treatment of the density effect in stopping power.
     The conseuquences are potentially catastrophic with computed stopping
     powers which can be ten orders of magnitude or more larger than real
     ones. Now a protection is built-in stopping the code at initialization
     time if a similar condition is detected. If such a gas do really exist,
     the user can still run Fluka by providing manually sensible density
     effect parameters by means of the STERNHEI input card: of course the
     user takes full responsibility for the physical soundness of
     such parameters
d) the incorrect use of HEAVYION beams which are actually
     defined through the HI-PROPE card to be a p,n,d,3-H,3-He or 4-He
     is now prevented. In such a case now the code stops. Please use
     PROTON, NEUTRON, DEUTERON etc beams if you need one of these
     instead of "cheating" the code.
e) the "smearing" of the energy at which Fluka switches from the
     the internal models to Dpmjet for h-p and h-A collisions is now
     activated by default: it was off by mistake. The transition occurs
     gradually between 10 and 30 TeV lab energy

At minimum a) is changing the random number sequence (and very slightly
the results) hence all users are kindly invited to upgrade to the current
respin. Assistance/bug correction will be provided only for the
latest respin.

             The FLUKA developer team

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