RE: Question about adding detectors in FLAIR

From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 08:21:01 +0000

Hi Ray,

flair in the Plots is using the index of the detector and not the name. The reason is that FLUKA allows to have multiple detectors with the same name even on the same file. Thus flair cannot make the distinction which is detector is which.
Therefore if you insert a detector, in the same unit all indexes will be shifted by one, so the plots will contain the old index.
The easiest is to append detectors rather than inserting them.

One could claim that I could modify the indexes at the same time in the files, but this is not possible since the output files do no contain enough information to find out from which run it was created and with which order.


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Subject: Question about adding detectors in FLAIR


I've noticed that when I use FLAIR with several USBIN, USRBDX, and USRYIELD
detectors, and have several plots defined as well, that sometimes if I
define additional new USRxxx detectors that some of the existing plots will
now have incorrect "Det:" associations in their plot menus. In effect,
adding USRxxx detector cards in FLAIR apparently causes existing PLOT
detector associations to change. I've found that every time I add a new
USRxxx detector, I have to check every plot definition menu in FLAIR to
make sure the "Det:" assignment hasn't changed. And many of them do.

Is this a known bug in FLAIR? A known "feature"? Is there a way to
keep FLAIR from changing existing detector <--> plot associations when
adding new USRxxx cards?

Thank you,
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