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Hi Takashi,

A 20-line long region definition is actually not that bad. Depending on the purpose of your simulation you may want to make the outside a blackhole, but even then you will need to define the region(s) where blackhole material is to be applied.

In your case the geometry definition of the tunnel surroundings could be more easily implemented by using parenthesis (section 8.6 or the FLUKA manual). Then you may want to activate the parenthesis optimization in WHAT(5) of the GEOBEGIN card.


On Jan 25, 2013, at 9:22 AM, Maruyama, Takashi wrote:

> I am setting up a tunnel geometry shown with a thick black curve in the attached figure. The tunnel is represented by ~60 segments of linear sections (all PLA and RCC). My question is how I can define the region outside the tunnel. I see two ways of doing this.
> 1) define ~60 segments of inside two PLA and outside RCC. The region definition gets very long, probably ~20 lines long. It looks ugly, but it should work.
> 2) make the outside tunnel a black hole. When a particle comes out of the tunnel, kill it so that no transport is necessary in this region. Is it possible to set up an one-way street without defining this region?
> Takashi Maruyama
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