RE: FLUPIX setup - specified directory is not valid

From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 07:31:59 +0000

Hi Hayley,

the two problems are related. In flupix you can only run on the Virtual Disk where you have R/W access. You cannot run on the mounted from the host disks, as windows do not allow to have symbolic links which are required by FLUKA.
To setup the virtual disk either you can use the pre-made one inside, or you can make any virtual disk your self, format it in ext(3/4) format and give it the label "/home"

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Subject: FLUPIX setup - specified directory is not valid

Hello all

I am a new user and have been struggling to successfully run the example in the Flair Quick Start Basic Guide for many weeks now.
I am running Flair through the Virtual Box.

During the geometry debug phase I receive errors:

It appears the FLUKA is trying to run through the /media/sf_vbox directory and I don’t think this is correct.
(I have a shared folder setup C:\Documents and Settings\cbn24213\vbox).

I setup Flair according to the instructions and also tried setting up through as they were slightly different.


I have also read various online manuals for configuring virtual hard disks, including as well as searching through archived FLUKA-discuss posts to see if there was anything similar, but there was nothing I could see.

Every time I load the FLUPIX virtual machine I receive an error “The specified directory is not valid”, it does not seem possible to access /home/flupix.
Has anyone else experienced the same problem? Or can see a mistake I have made in the setup?

Many thanks for any information/advice you are able to give


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