Shower simulation in calorimeter

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Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 13:45:14 +0200

Dear Fluka experts.

I'm currently woking on a simulation of a digital calorimeter, and I
want to simulate electromagnetic showers by sending high energetic
protons at the calorimeter.

The calorimeter will consist of 24 alternating layers of Silicon and
PCB, and each layer is made of 640x640 pixels. I wish to count the
pixel "hits" from the shower, and use this information to calculate
dE/dx. I want to define a pixel "hit" as an energy deposition that is
approximately homogeneously distributed in a volume with a cross
section of said pixel and a depth of a single layer (3.8 mm).

How should I approach this problem? Do I have to make 640x640x24
voxels? Isn't the upper limit of regions in Fluka 10 000? Should I use
a MGdraw routine for the shower simulation? If so, any suggestions to
how it should be implemented?

Thank you very much for your help!
Best regards,
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