Re: [fluka-discuss]: Fluka Defaults selection table

From: Nicholas Bolibruch <>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 13:39:28 -0400

Hi Alberto, thank you for the detailed response. I was under the
impression the html/ascii copies were identical to the FM.pdf but that's
ok. That table outlines pretty much the stuff I wanted - the WHAT values
for each card in the default selection. I'll verify against that and
upload an updated table later.

Thanks again,


On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 4:26 AM, Alberto Fasso' <>wrote:

> Dear Nicholas,
> have you looked at the table which is available in the pdf version of the
> manual at the end of the description of the DEFAULTS command?
> (The pdf version is present in your $FLUPRO directory with the name
> FM.pdf).
> That table is an attempt to do exactly what you propose: but unfortunately
> it
> has been made a few years ago and probably needs to be updated. It is also
> incomplete. I have just realized that for example it does not contain the
> defaults concerning command MUPHOTON: there may be more.
> Please check it against your table and let me know about possible
> improvements.
> Concerning the particle transport thresholds in EM-CASCA, there is a reason
> for their absence. The only particles handled by EM-CASCA are photons,
> electrons an positrons: and for these particles the default thresholds are
> not recommended. See for instance slide 6 of the lecture "Physics Models 2
> (EM Interactions)" on the last FLUKA course:
> navig=2&which=nea2013<>There is this warning:
> Warning 1: production and transport thresholds are set by
> default, depending on the DEFAULTS card. DO NOT RELY on
> them, choose those best suited for your problem
> See also on the manual Note 1) of command EMFCUT:
> 1) Default values are available for the electron and photon production
> thresholds in electromagnetic interactions, but they are generated by a
> complex logic based on possible other settings (transport cutoffs,
> delta-ray production thresholds, DEFAULTS card, other defaults). It is
> not
> always guaranteed that the resulting values be appropriate to the
> problem
> of interest. Therefore, in order to have good control of the physics,
> the
> user is recommended to provide explicit threshold values, or at least to
> check them on the main output.
> Alberto
> On Tue, 17 Sep 2013, Nicholas Bolibruch wrote:
> Since we're on the topic of default settings in Fluka, I started making a
>> table a couple years ago outlining each of the default setting features
>> because not each category specifies certain details. For example, the
>> particle transport threshold isn't specified on the list in the manual for
>> EM-CASCA but is for many other default modes.
>> Right now I have lots of unknowns in the table and there might be a more
>> practical layout. If anyone has the time and knowledge to fill out the
>> unknowns and can verify what I filled out that would be greatly
>> appreciated. It would probably be a useful table to have in one of the
>> Fluka courses at least.
>> Also, the table will colour code the entry on the keywords of On,Off or
>> Unknown.
>> --
>> Nicholas Bolibruch

Nicholas Bolibruch
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