[fluka-discuss]: Fluka Defaults selection table

From: Nicholas Bolibruch <nicholas.bolibruch_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 09:44:54 -0400

Since we're on the topic of default settings in Fluka, I started making a
table a couple years ago outlining each of the default setting features
because not each category specifies certain details. For example, the
particle transport threshold isn't specified on the list in the manual for
EM-CASCA but is for many other default modes.

Right now I have lots of unknowns in the table and there might be a more
practical layout. If anyone has the time and knowledge to fill out the
unknowns and can verify what I filled out that would be greatly
appreciated. It would probably be a useful table to have in one of the
Fluka courses at least.

Also, the table will colour code the entry on the keywords of On,Off or

Nicholas Bolibruch

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