Re: [fluka-discuss]: Installing, g77 , lfluka command not found

From: Chenyen Lee <>
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2013 11:13:14 +0800

Francesco :

Thank you for the direction.
I tried to install FLUKA in home directory,but encounter more permission
I need much more time to know the command to fix it,
so I try to install on Ubuntu 13.10 on my new laptop first.

The problem is the same on newly installed Ubuntu 13.10 on laptop.


2013/11/2 Cerutti <>

> Hi
> do not work in /media but go to your home directory and install FLUKA
> there: create a dedicated directory, unpack the .tar.gz file, define FLUPRO
> and type make (you do not need to issue explicitly the command lfluka, that
> by the way in flutil has to be typed as "./lfluka" and not "lfluka")
> Ciao
> Francesco

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