AW: [fluka-discuss]: Extract data from Output of DETECT scoring in FLUKA

From: Anna Ferrari <>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 16:01:24 +0100

Dear Duy Trinh Ngoc,


you can find a good and simple introduction to Fortran for example in:



For your needs, you can find in the manual, at command DETECT, some instructions on how to read a DETECT output.







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Betreff: [fluka-discuss]: Extract data from Output of DETECT scoring in FLUKA


Hi everyone,

I saw i FLUKA site that it's necessary to have a FORTRAN code to do it, but me i know nothing about this programming language. So Could you give me an example of code to extract data?

Thanks in advance

TRINH Ngoc Duy
École supérieure des Sciences - Université Nationale du Vietnam à Hanoï
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